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Product Engineering

In order to maximize productivity gains and competitiveness LUCEMPLAST puts its knowledge capital in the components it produces.
It is a service that gives the customer more reliable and competitive components.
Lucemplast team experience in the design of molds, injection molding, part assembly and surface treatments is the guarantor of compliance with the technical specifications of the product.


The molds producer partners are carefully selected on the market by Lucemplast according to customer requirements. The Lucemplast role in the mold development phase ensure high quality, technical standards, productivity and reliability. Lucemplast will always test production molds in the serial production machines, since and always we will be responsible for mass production.

Injection Molding Technology

LUCEMPLAST covers a range of machines up to 500 tons clamping force. Investment in electric machines is a differentiating factor from the competition. LUCEMPLAST is on the market with equipment that ensures components accuracy and repeatability. The dimensional and optical characteristics are guaranteed by cutting-edge technology of electric machines.
Our experience in hydraulic and hybrid machines takes us bet on the machines 100% electric.

Low Energy Consumption 

Faster Cycles 

More Accurate 


Each project with part assembly is always checked and developed a assembly concept to ensure the required quality and reliability. This concept follows a careful choice of methods and technologies that may contain component dimensional checking or each of its elements, this fact will always be the object of analysis with the customer.

The assembly will always be automated when the costumer wishes and volumes warrant, a joint evaluation methods and times with the costumer will be made to support the decision.


The privileged location near two highways, A11 and A3, accesses, 50 minutes way from the Port of and 30 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport ensure quick access to the European and World market by road, sea and air transport.
Dedicated logistics systems each market are selected accordingly.
Deliveries of just-in-time components to the client or logistics platforms are concepts in use.


The district Braga is serviced by 5 motorway at North (A3), South (A3 and A1 Lisbon), East (A11 and A7) and West (A28). The logistical links are well defined, showing no traffic problems.


The Leixões Port is the largest port infrastructure in the North of Portugal and one of the most important in the country (45 minutes from Braga by motorway). 


Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport (OPO) is the main hub in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula to receive the most relevant airlines and low cost flights from Easyjet and Ryanair (30 minutes from Braga by motorway). 


The Science of Measurement.

The ISO 9000 series explicitly defines the relationship between quality assurance and metrology, establishing guidelines to keep control on the company measurement devices.
The factor “markets globalization” also carries out one of its main objectives, which is to warrant measurement reliability systems and ensure that technical specifications, existing laws and regulations, provide the same conditions of end product perfect acceptability in the assembly and fitting, regardless of where they are produced.

Lastest generation equipment ensures the measurement of parts with accuracy of +/- 0.001 mm. Maintenance, calibration and correct handling guarantee the dimensions on the product.
Through tests verify that our products and manufacturing processes are in accordance with standards and technical specifications to obtain excellent quality.